It’s Ionnalee’s birthday today, celebrating with 50 million views on Youtube!

It’s Ionnalee’s birthday today, celebrating with 50 million views on Youtube!

World Tour continues

Ionnalee junto con Röyksopp en el concierto de Coachella del 2017

Today, the 3rd of October is Ionnalee’s birthday, celebrating it with over 50 million views on her ‘iamamiwhoami’ Youtube account. Happy Birthday to our magic and unlimited artistic girl!

Five months have passed since Ionnalee began her odyssey throughout the world, presenting her tour «Everyone Afraid to be Forgotten«, getting the opportunity to meet the community that has been created since the beginning of ‘iamamiwhoami’, 10 years ago.

Ionnalee in concert at Williamsburg

Here is the list of concerts she has been to since the tour initiated:

LONDON, United Kingdom May 9, 2018
COPENHAGEN, Denmark May 18, 2018
STOCKHOLM, Sweden May 19, 2018
MOSCOU, Russia June 9, 2018
St. PETERSBURG, Russia June 10, 2018
CARDIFF United Kingdom June 16, 2018
STOCKHOLM Sweden, August 4, 2018
CHICAGO, United States, August 13, 2018
LOS ANGELES, United States, August 15, 2018
SAN FRANSISCO, United States August 17, 2018
SÃO PAULO, Brazil, August 23, 2018
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, August 25, 2018
NEW YORK, United States, August 28, 2018
GOTHENBURG, Sweden, September 1, 2018

And the tour continues.

On June the 26th of 2018 a short documentary about the tour and the evolution of the project was uploaded to the YouTube account of ‘iamamiwhoami’ called ‘UNDER YOUR CONTROL’:

“I’m used to people being skeptical of what I do. I had allot of voices telling me that it would be very difficult for me to tour in the extent that I want. It requires a promoter agent that really understands what we do. There is no guarantee that my audience who streams my work will show up at a physical concert. I’ve heard this many times before and I know my audience will be there, so I did what I’ve done previously which is showing the audience the reality of things and through Kickstarter I asked them to create this tour with me.» says Ionnalee as part of the documentary.

“Feeling the support of the audience, knowing that it is that important to them that this tour happens that made me feel really motivated for the future. I feel responsible on many levels, you know, but I always feel responsible to deliver something really good. When the Kickstarter goals was reached, me and Claes started working on the music production together of the iamamiwhoami body of work. I got my solo material together and made the foundations for that and brought in Tungorna to do live edit versions and then we started rehearsing.»

Concert at Bilbao

On the 8th of September she posted on her Instagram account a series of photos with the fans that she had met during the tour, sending them a message from her post to raise awareness about the importance of voting in the Swedish elections:

«i’m confident that the followers of my makings are open minded, pro equality between genders, sexuality, beliefs, identity and origin as that’s what i see in you. i also believe that you care for da planet and ALL its living inhabitants and that you would base your vote in an election on caring for these things.

tomorrow is election day in sweden.
the right wing movement is gaining more force globally. they want to close out people with different culture and norms from our society in the name of tradition.
we need to use our votes wisely and put an end to their prejudice and fear of change.
you know we got work to do 🔥.»

The tour is not over yet, and the date on which she will visit our Mexico City has not been announced, although it is expected to be next year.

We hope Ionna has a very nice day full of love and joy. Remember:

«There is work for clever minds, changing one world at a time»

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